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Circumfria  Added: August 6 2017.

I've almost completed work on Circumfria, the fourth of six songs for the upcoming album Merciana.
It's been two years, on and off, in the making and comes in at just over fourteen minutes.
I'll be adding some vocal harmonies tomorrow and the next day then it's off to Mick Glossop for mixing the 74 90 tracks down to two, and maybe even 5 if we do a surround version.

GRANBRETAN Online  Added: June 4 2017.

GRANBRETAN will be available at these shops on Monday.


GRANBRETAN data  Added: June 4 2017.

I'm in music database mode as I wrap up the GRANBRETAN album and transition to the new album Merciana. Here's a page I'm putting out there with some data. I'll be adding things to it as soon as the album transitions to the cloud and I have more links Etc to add. HERE

The Bolshoi: Shows  Added: May 27 2017.

Added a list of shows I did with The Bolshoi. HERE

Discography Update  Added: May 7 2017. Updated: May 21 2017.

Updated Discography page includes links to my new album Granbretan and The Bolshoi 5 CD box set Country Life. HERE

Leeds to Seattle, via London.  Added: May 23 2017.

How I Ended Up In The Pacific Northwest. Still needs a little tweaking here and there but I just wanted to get it out. HERE

Oberheim Eclipse Mk II Broken Key Fix  Added: Jan 5 2017.

I've been working around a dead key on my Oberheim mother keyboard these past couple of weeks and finally decided to crack it open and see about fixing it. The keyboard and fascia with the controls is built into a flight case so I figured the best way in would be to tip it over and unscrew everything and see what happens.

Turns out there were only a few screws needed to lift the keyboard assembly out of its case, cleaned the contacts with alcohol and the problem was fixed.

Oberheim Matrix-6R Not Broken After All  Added: Nov 9 2016.

I added a Matrix-6R to my studio a while back and was a little bit miffed when I hooked it up and noticed one of the two channels wasn't working. The headphone jack provided left and right channels but only the Left/Mono output jacl on the back was providing a signal.

I took a look inside for dry joints or other obvious easly fixed issues like chafed cables or similar, but everything lookd fine. It wasn't until I started looking around for a reputable local repair shop when I decided to RTFM. Turns out it wasn't broken after all, instead the Left and Right outputs are determined by the settings within a particular preset.

Here's the pertinent section in the manual, copied verbatim:

In the MASTER EDIT Page, MISC. Parameter "56 STEREO" determines the status of the two AUDIO OUT jacks on the back panel.

When STEREO is set to OFF, the LEFT / MONO jack outputs sound for both Single patches and SPLIT patches (the two playing modes of the MATRIX-6R) and the RIGHT jack does not output any sound.

When STEREO is set to ON, the LEFT / MONO jack outputs all sounds from single patches and the sound from the LOWER patch when in SPLIT mode; the RIGHT jack only outputs sound when in SPLIT mode, and this sound comes from the UPPER patch.

So there you have it, and far from being an inconvenience this is the perfect way to send two patches to separate channels for independent processing quickly and easily.

Synthwerks FSR-1  Force Sensing Module

Looking forward to taking receipt of this single channel force sensing resistor module. I shot some video of the guys at Synthwerks building and testing the prototype of its bigger brother, the FSR-4. I'll add a link when I remember whereabouts on the internet I put it.

No doubt as soon as I start using it I'll wish I'd bought two, then of course I'll need the FSR-4.

iPG-800  JX-8P Controller App

As a long time user of Roland's JX-8P synthesizer I know my way around the instrument pretty well, but accessing the parameters via membrane covered buttons and changing values using a single slider is time consuming and frustrating, especially when I need to adjust two parameters at once to get the sound I want.

Roland did produce an external hands-on controller, the PG-800, but I lost mine along the way and now they are difficult to find in good working condition.

Fortunately Swiss developers Kentai have developed a software based solution, the iPG-800 that runs on an iPad. It's even the same size as the original hardware version at a fraction of the cost.

I'm looking forward to creating some new patches in a fraction of the time it was taking me using the JX-8P interface.

Ivory II  Steinway Grand Piano Virtual Instrument

I added a vintage 1951 New York Steinway D (CD 121) to my collection of instruments today, albeit it in the form of 49GB of samples that the excellent Ivory II sampler includes.

I'm very impressed with it on first listen and looking forward to spending lots of time with it.



Modular Synthesizer System

PGH - Midi 2 Triple Mode MIDI to CV Converter
Intellijel - Dual ADSR Dual Slider Based ADSR Envelope
PGH - M3 Audio and Control Voltage Signal Router
Mattson - SQ816 16 Stage Sequencer
Macbeth - X Series Dual SV Filter Stereo Voltage Controlled Filter
The Harvestman - Herz Donut Model 9791 Mark II Dual Oscillator With Dynamic-Depth Frequency Modulation
Synthetic Sound Labs - Modulation Orgy Low Frequency Oscillator with Tap or CV Tempo Control
Intellijel - Rubicon Thru Zero FM Triangle Core Voltage Controlled Oscillator
Make Noise - Maths Envelope Function Generator
Intellijel - Azimuth II Dual VCA / Pan / Balance / Xfade / Stereo Enhance
SSF - Quantum Rainbow Analog Noise Generator with Reverse Biased Transistor.

Dedicated Synthesizers

Korg - MicroKorg Analog Modeling Synthesizer and Vocoder
Roland - JX8P 6 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer with iPG-800 Controller
Roland - Juno 106 6 Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer
Oberheim - Matrix 6-R Rack mounted version of Matrix 6
Oberheim - Eclipse Stage Piano and MIDI Controller


Apple - Logic Pro X Music Production System
Spectrasonics - Omnisphere Steam Powered Power Synth
Spectrasonics - Stylus RMX Realtime Groove Module
FXpansion - BFD3 Evolved Acoustic Drum Software
Synthogy - Ivory II Virtual Grand Piano

Metamorphosis Of A Four Track

After moving to London from my hometown of Leeds in 1985 I started recording the music that would become the album Granbretan. I used a Fostex X-15 Multitracker tape recorder, a quick and easy way of getting ideas down quickly. With its two inputs, tone and tape transport controls you could record a decent sounding demo...keep reading.