As GRANBRETAN makes its way to the great record store in the sky here's some data that the databases are generating.

Track # Title ISRC Duration
1 Tempus Fugit TCADC1752454 07:10
MBID: 5dab6e45-67a6-400f-b6fb-45b796bff94d
2 Flying Through the Dales TCADC1752458 05:24
MBID: 8c4b462b-a032-4218-a16e-9c5009fb6d46
3 Searching for Signals TCADC1752460 03:36
MBID: a44a2c99-b9af-4601-8696-003fe39d03b3
4 Granbretan TCADC1752461 03:21
MBID: 09acd38b-fa84-41e0-9fb9-94a1a0dd4ae6
5 Tranquility Trench TCADC1752462 11:06
MBID: 0aad7821-d76c-47e8-bbe3-59771e215a7c
6 Does This Excite You TCADC1752464 05:11
MBID: 2b784d8f-e324-448b-8c1a-8729fcd90d5e
7 Vostok 6 TCADC1752465 02:42
MBID: 48c4be68-ee1e-42d1-8b91-53ab746c9333