Paul is currently hard at work on the Merciana album. Four songs are complete, mixed by Mick Glossop and mastered by Steve Turnidge. The fifth track, Talag, is in production.

A music video is also in the works to accompany Primus. In it you'll be introduced to the Building, see Paul's dopplegänger and go on a little voyage of discovery around Merciana.

Several miniatures were scratch built or modified for the video as well as a diorama with tiny trees and even a tiny river.

Verdant Set's last album, Granbretan, was recently made available as a numbered limited edition cassette. Visit The Shop and get a yours before they are gone.

The next musical project from Verdant Set is titled Staccatta, a collaboration with Paul Statham, featuring a collection of musical works capable of summoning beings from other dimensions.


The fourth song from the Merciana album has been mixed and sent off for mastering. This is the longest song on the album, coming in at just over thirteen minutes (13:04). It's been in production since work on the album began in 2015 and a total of 112 (124) tracks were delivered to Mick Glossop for mixing. He did a brilliant job mixing them all down to two.

As well as recording the music work is in progress on some plastic models that will be used in a music video.

Verdant Set's last album, Granbretan, is now available as a numbered limited edition cassette. Visit The Shop and get a yours.


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