Paul Clark.

The Bolshoi Brothers

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October 26 2022. I'm excited to announce that my collaboration with Trevor Tanner is nearing fruition.

As The Bolshoi Brothers we've been writing and recording new music for the past couple of years and getting close to sending out our first newsletter so everyone who signed up can find out what we've been up to, so if you haven't done so already get over to The Bolshoi Brothers website and sign up for the newsletter. It's the only way we'll be announcing updates to the website.

I'm also looking forward to picking up from where I left off promoting my last album Merciana, mixed by Mick Glossop and featuring Simon Hinkler, guitarist with The Mission, on “Zantadoria”. I'd just recieved my first box of CD's and marketing materials when I started working with Trevor again and basically dropped everything because I was having so much fun.

And then there's the ancient but still to be fully promoted Starship Oak album, a project I recorded onto four track cassettes when I was still playing with The Bolshoi that I sat on for over twenty years before finally digitizing it for mixing and mastering, so it's time to get cracking.




Digital Booklet

Merciana Album Cover


Starship Oak Album Cover


The Bolshoi Box Set Album Cover